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Akaroa - a French Colony

Black Cat Harbour Cruises in Akaroa Harbour New Zealand


Join us on a relaxing tour of Banks Peninsula and the old French whaling colony of Akaroa.  Travel from Christchurch over the Port Hills, via the Sign of the Takahe and the Sign of the Kiwi, Governors Bay and Gebbies Pass. 


Admire the beauty of Akaroa Harbour when we stop at the Hill Top and enjoy a tasting of freshly made cheese at Barry's Bay factory. 


This is followed by a two-hour harbour cruise aborad the award-winning Black Cat Harbour Cruises on Akaroa Harbour New Zealand, where you will likely see penquins, dolphins, seals and a salmon farm. 


Our last stop on the way back to Christchurch is at Little River for afternoon tea/coffee.

Pick-up8.45 am 
Returns5.15 pm 
AC13Tour$ 190 pp
AC13aTour + Lunch

$ 220 pp

AC13dTour + Swim with Dolphins

$ 265 pp



Options Extras:

+A splendid lunch at the award-winning restaurant Bully Hayes.
+Swim with the dolphins.



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